The 5 Most Bizarre Business Records Ever Set

Business World's Wildest Achievements

The business world is filled with tales of success, failure, innovation, and creativity. However, hidden amongst these typical stories are some truly bizarre and unusual records that have been set over the years. It's time to shake off the notion of business as a dry, serious field and embrace its wilder side. From the largest collection of rubber ducks to the most expensive bottle of water, dive into the five most bizarre business records ever set.

The Largest Collection of Rubber Ducks

Leading this parade of peculiarities is Charlotte Lee from the United States, who has transformed her passion for rubber ducks into a profitable business. Her company, Duckshop, sells a variety of rubber ducks, from the traditional yellow to themed ones. The Guinness World Records recognized her in 2011 for owning the world's largest collection of rubber ducks, boasting more than 9,000 unique ducks. This quirky passion turned business has seen Charlotte featured in various media outlets, further boosting her sales.

The Most Expensive Bottle of Water

Next on the list is the world's most expensive bottle of water, sold by Beverly Hills 9OH2O. This luxury brand, founded by Jon Gluck, prides itself on offering "the best tasting water in the world". Their Diamond Collection water bottle, priced at a staggering $60,000, holds the record for the most expensive bottle of water ever sold. The bottle is made of 14-carat white gold and encrusted with over 600 G/VS white diamonds and 250 black diamonds. The water itself is sourced from the natural springs in the Northern California Mountains and is enriched with minerals.

The Largest Simultaneous Yawn

Leaving the realm of luxury, we venture into an unusual marketing campaign by Alpenlibe Juzt Jelly. In an attempt to promote their new product, the company organized the largest simultaneous yawn. As part of the campaign, 1,631 participants in India yawned together in 2016, earning the company a spot in the Guinness World Records. This bizarre marketing tactic not only caught people's attention locally, but it also made headlines globally.

The World's First Test-Tube Burger

In the realm of food technology, we find the record for the world's first test-tube burger. The brainchild of a Dutch scientist Mark Post, this lab-grown beef burger was funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The burger, costing a whopping $330,000 to produce, was made from 20,000 strands of meat grown from cow stem cells. Despite the hefty price tag and mixed reviews on taste, this scientific feat marked a significant milestone in the search for more sustainable food production methods.

The Longest Pizza Delivery

Rounding up our list is the record for the longest pizza delivery. Domino's Pizza holds this record, having delivered a pizza from London to Melbourne in 2004. The pizza traveled over 10,000 miles and arrived 2 days later. Though it might not sound like the freshest pizza, the delivery was a publicity stunt to celebrate the opening of the company's first store in Italy. The pizza was escorted by a dedicated delivery person and made the journey in a heat-retaining bag designed to keep it warm.

Embracing the Bizarre in Business

These strange records serve as a reminder that the business world is not just about profits and market shares. It's also about creativity, innovation, and sometimes, a touch of the bizarre. These companies and individuals have used their unique ideas to set records, gain publicity, and push the boundaries of what's considered 'normal' in business. Who knows, perhaps your business will be the next to break a bizarre record!