Guinness World Records: The Most Obscure and Surprising Achievements

Guinness World Records: The Most Obscure and Surprising Achievements

Guinness World Records has been documenting and celebrating the most incredible human achievements since 1955. From the tallest person to the longest fingernails, the records are as diverse as they are impressive. But some records are so obscure and surprising that they make you wonder how anyone even thought to attempt them. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most unusual records in the Guinness World Records book.

Most Apples Crushed By The Bicep In One Minute

We’ve all heard of crushing a beer can with your bare hands, but what about crushing an apple with your bicep? That’s exactly what Linsey Lindberg, aka Mama Lou, did in 2018. Mama Lou crushed 10 apples in one minute using only her bicep, setting the record for the most apples crushed by the bicep in one minute.

Longest Time Spent Inside A Snow Globe

Have you ever wanted to live inside a snow globe? Well, one man did just that in 2016. A Canadian man, Rolf Buchholz, spent 10 minutes and 45 seconds inside a snow globe. The globe was filled with fake snow and Christmas decorations, and Buchholz had to endure the cold and the limited space while attempting to set the record.

Fastest Time To Eat A Raw Onion

Eating onions can be a challenge for some people, but Australian Brad Jolly was up for the task in 2018. Jolly set the record for the fastest time to eat a raw onion, clocking in at just 29.56 seconds. He even managed to keep it down without shedding a tear.

Largest Collection Of Rubber Ducks

For some people, collecting stamps or coins just isn’t enough. Charlotte Lee from the UK has been collecting rubber ducks since 1996 and now holds the record for the largest collection of rubber ducks. Her collection consists of over 10,000 rubber ducks of all shapes and sizes.

Most Consecutive One-Handed Claps

Clapping with one hand might seem like an impossible task, but not for Kent French. In 2018, French set the record for the most consecutive one-handed claps, achieving a total of 427 claps in one minute. It’s hard to imagine how he managed to keep up that pace for so long.

Largest Collection Of Traffic Cones

Another collector on this list, David Morgan from the UK, holds the record for the largest collection of traffic cones. Morgan has been collecting traffic cones since the 1980s and now has over 550 in his collection. He even has a special room in his house dedicated to his collection.

Farthest Distance Skateboarded By A Goat

Yes, you read that right. Happie the goat, from California, holds the record for the farthest distance skateboarded by a goat. In 2012, Happie managed to skateboard a distance of 36 meters (118 feet) without falling off. We’re not sure how Happie managed to balance on the board, but it’s definitely impressive.

Most Balloons Blown Up In One Hour

Blowing up balloons can be tiring, but not for British man Paul Henderson. Henderson set the record for the most balloons blown up in one hour, inflating a total of 910 balloons. That’s an average of 15 balloons per minute!

Largest Collection Of Smurfs

Fans of the Smurfs will appreciate this next record. Martyn Compton from the UK has been collecting Smurfs since 1986 and now has over 9,000 in his collection. Compton’s love for the blue creatures even extends to his car, which is decorated with Smurf decals.

Fastest Time To Assemble Mr. Potato Head Blindfolded

Assembling Mr. Potato Head can be a challenge, but what about doing it blindfolded? That’s exactly what American John Cassidy did in 2018, setting the record for the fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head blindfolded. Cassidy managed to assemble the toy in just 16.47 seconds.

From crushing apples with your bicep to skateboarding goats, the Guinness World Records book is full of obscure and surprising achievements. These records show that with determination and a little creativity, anything is possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to attempt a record of your own.